Public invitation to tour the Zagora archaeological site – 25 October 2014 

Zagora as seen from the path
Zagora as seen from the path
by Irma Havlicek
Web Content Producer

The directors of the Zagora Archaeological Project extend an invitation to all people living in or staying on Andros to a tour of this significant c. 900-700BCE settlement site on Saturday 25 October 2014. 

The tour will be led by the directors of the project, Professor Meg Miller and Associate Professor Lesley Beaumont (both from the University of Sydney) and Dr Stavros Paspalas (Deputy Director of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens). 

Someone from Andros Routes will meet you at the small church at the top of the path at Stavropeda at 10am for the walk down to the site. The path to the site is marked by a red and white sign with a ‘7’ on it. Information about the path is on the Andros Routes website.

The tour will commence at 11am from the ‘dig hut’ – the stone building near the entrance to the site, just over the field wall. 

Here is a poster in Greek about the tour.

There will also be an evening information about Zagora at the Municipal Cinema, Chora, at 7pm on Thursday 6 November, also presented by the Zagora Archaeological Project directors. More information about that soon.

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