by Irma Havlicek,
Powerhouse Museum Online Producer

Hi there and welcome to this blog through which we hope you’ll get a sense of what it’s like to be on a real archaeological dig. Our heading says ‘for secondary students’ but really we hope it is also for teachers and for a wider public interested in archaeology and learning about our past.

There probably won’t be too much on this blog for a few weeks, until we start preparing in earnest for the excavation at Zagora, scheduled to start on 17 October and go through until 27 November. For background on Zagora, check out our pages under the ‘Learning about Zagora and archaeology’ section of this website. It will continue to have new pages and resources added, particularly during September and October – so keep checking back to see what’s new.

What you can do straight away, is give us your comments via this blog. Feel free to suggest content you would like to see, or topics you would like to know more about – and we will try to cover them, either via blog posts before or during the dig, or by developing pages for the website.

We’re excited about this journey of discovery we’re about to take, and we’d really love you to share it with us via this blog. We’d like to reach as many people as possible, especially secondary students and teachers. Please let your friends and colleagues know about this website and blog, and invite them to join us.

Looking forward to hearing from you….

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6 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Wow! It’s fascinating and so exciting. Wish I could visit too, but the information is really great as I never knew this place existed. I look forward to following all the discoveries….

    • This year is mostly for survey and planning the excavations over the entire three years of the project (2012-2014); but there will be some test trenches dug in a couple of weeks, and who knows what might turn up there….

    • Thanks for that – the food so far has been fantastic (mostly in the Kantouni pensione where we’re staying) – so I do plan to blog about that down the track. Meanwhile, trying to keep up with work on the site is keeping me busy. Stay tuned, though, food posts and more about Andros will come….

  2. Fantastic photos! Really evocative. It’s wonderful to be able to see so much of the landscape and to imagine what it must have looked like 3000 years ago. Can’t wait to see what you find. It’s so great to be able to come on this journey with you. Looking forward to every instalment.

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