Paul Donnelly in a sticky situation

by Irma Havlicek
Powerhouse Museum Online Producer

Paul caught in fly-paper
Paul caught in fly-paper
Find out about Paul Donnelly getting into a sticky situation in another ‘Archaeologist Q&A’ I’ve just added.

In the Q&A with Archaeologists section of the website, archaeologists answer questions I’ve put to them – and also some questions they put to themselves – to give you an idea of what kinds of people become archaeologists. Their answers also reveal the different experiences and careers archaeologists can have.

If that’s not enough, they’re also really interesting to read, and they have great pictures!

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2 thoughts on “Paul Donnelly in a sticky situation”

  1. A big hello from one excavation to another! I’ve managed to get relatively good internet access at Amarna and decided to have a look at what’s happening with the Zagora project. Looks fantastic and the website is terrific. We’re fully into the swing of things with our excavation season here (started on 27th Oct and we finish up around 20th December). I’ll have to share this link around with my colleagues here!

    • Hi Melanie – great to hear from you.
      Melanie is another of our Powerhouse Museum curators who is an archaeologist. She is on a dig in Egypt. If you’d like to know more about Melanie and the project she is working on, check out her Q&A here.

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