2013 Zagora team members (weeks 4-6)

As you probably know, we have a six-week excavation season this year for the Zagora Archaeological Project. Many of us stay for the entire season but some stay for shorter periods. Most of the archaeological volunteers who aren’t here for the whole six weeks are here either for the first three weeks, or the second three weeks. I posted a photograph earlier about the team of the first three weeks. We’re now in the fifth week of the season, and following is a photograph of our current Zagora team. Beneath this photo is another one with the team members numbered and named so you know who they all are.

The week 4-6 Zagora Team
The weeks 4-6 Zagora Team. See below for photo with names in the caption. © PHM; photo by Irma Havlicek

Now the pressure is building with the increasing awareness that the end of the season is approaching. We have only about a week left before we begin the task of backfilling the trenches before the end of the season. Everyone feels it and is doing their best to make the most of the available time left working on site.

Zagora Week 4-6 team photo
The week 4-6 Zagora Team, as numbered: 1) Mel Melnyczek (aka Boy Mel), site supervisor of Excavation Area 2 (EA2); 2) Ivana Vetta, site supervisor of EA1; 3) Antonio Bianco; 4) Damien Stone; 5) Hayley Jones; 6) Adam Carr; 7) Rudy Alagich; 8) Chris Moutafis; 9) Andrew Smith; 10) Dr Hugh Thomas, site supervisor of EA3; 11) Meg Dains; 12) Kristen Mann, site supervisor of EA4; 13) Jules McLachlan; 14) Clare Gavin; 15) Dr Lesley Beaumont, ZAP Project Director; 16) Hannah Morris; 17) Professor Meg Miller, ZAP Project Director; 18) Dr Stavros Paspalas, ZAP Project Director and fine ware specialist; 19) Andrew Wilson (archaeologist and Heurist/database specialist); 20) Hannah Gwyther; 21) Dr Paul Donnelly, site supervisor of EA5; 22) Annette Dukes; 23) Lea Alexopoulos, archaeologist, accommodation and catering manager; 24) Mel Kennedy (aka Girl Mel); 25) Jane McMahon; 26) Tessa Morgan; 27) Elaine Lin; 28) Marie-Rose Beshara, flotation specialist; 29) Kate Allen; 30) Rehan Scharenguivel; 31) Beatrice McLoughlin, pot shed manager, coarse ware specialist and archivist; 32) Irma Havlicek. © PHM; photo by Irma Havlicek

The thing in common across all team members in every week of the season is working cooperatively in a common cause, helping one another, and finding lightness and cheer in all circumstances – even when being blown off our feet by the wind or working in rain.

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