Paul Donnelly does an ABC-Radio interview from Andros

Paul Donnelly doing a radio interview from Stavropeda
Paul Donnelly doing an interview with Simon Marnie from ABC-Radio, early in the morning (Greek time) yesterday from Stavropeda, up the long steep path from Zagora. © AAIA; photo by Irma Havlicek
by Irma Havlicek
Web content producer

Yesterday morning at Stavropeda, before walking down the steep rocky path to Zagora, Paul Donnelly (archaeologist and also decorative arts curator at the Powerhouse Museum which is a partner in the Zagora project), was interviewed by Simon Marnie from ABC-Radio about the Zagora Archaeological Project.

This was the second interview Paul has done with Simon about the project, and a third is planned to take place after the excavations finish in a week.

The 12-minute interview is scheduled to be aired some time between 10am and 11.15am, on Sunday 26 October 2014 (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time).

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10 thoughts on “Paul Donnelly does an ABC-Radio interview from Andros”

    • Oh Lynda, you are kind. I forgot to mention also – you may be interested in a public presentation our Zagora Archaeological Project directors are going to give about the project, in Greek, at the Municipal Cinema, Chora, at 7pm on Thursday 6 November. They do this as an opportunity to give back to the Andros community which has been so warm, welcoming and generous to us each year we have been here. (We are really going to miss the people and the place.) This presentation is likely to give more information than is possible in a 12-minute radio interview. And there will be slides illustrating the talks as well. I’ll have a post about the event up on the blog soon. I’m only sorry I can’t be there as I’ll have left Andros a couple of days earlier. Cheers, Irma

    • Hi Irma. I hope I’ll be living in Andros some day, but this is not the case yet. If there will be any presentation in Athens, keep us informed! By the way, where can one find those nice Zagora Project t-shirts team members wear? Maybe at the museum shop? Thanks!

    • Oh, sorry – I hope you manage it, some day. Hopefully the information on this blog provides some understanding of the work going on about Zagora. Kind regards, Irma

    • Oh – thanks a lot, Lynda. We really appreciate that. Oh – I just noticed your question about the Zagora T-shirts – sorry, I hadn’t noticed that before. Each year, a Zagora T-shirt is produced for that year. In 2012 it was the black one; last year it was the blue one. I’m sorry but there are none left. I will email you so you can arrange to buy one when the ones for this year are produced. We don’t know the design or colour yet – that will be decided by the team in the next few days. I’ll email you with details. This year’s T-shirts probably won’t be produced until next year. Cheers, Irma

    • Hi Wilna – thanks for that. I’ll pass your message on to Paul.
      (For those who may not know, ‘BTS’ stands for ‘behind the scenes’ – Wilna is a volunteer at the Powerhouse Museum who works in curatorial, behind the scenes, ie, not dealing directly with the public in a ‘front of house’ way.)

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