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My last photo of the Zagora team
An impromptu photo I asked Bob Miller to take on the last morning I waved everyone off for the site, as I was leaving a day earlier than most. Sorry to Bob that he’s not in the picture; everyone had to rush off to site, or I’d have taken another photo with Bob in it. © Bob Miller and AAIA; photo by Bob Miller
Dear Readers

The 2014 Zagora season is now over. I’m travelling back to Australia now so there won’t be posts for a few days. But I’ll start posting again when I’m back in Australia. There will probably be a couple more posts on archaeological process, a directors’ perspective story, some opportunities to get some photos up of members of the team, and more. Oh, and maybe some Greek dancing video from our end-of-season-dig party. So please check back again in a few days, and I hope to have more content coming along then. Cheers, Irma

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2 thoughts on “More posts coming….”

  1. That’s a great picture and I would also be grinning like a Cheshire cat if we were heading for Oz !
    Don’t get me wrong, Greece is our favourite summer destination and we will be on Andros again next summer. Enjoyed the posts over the last few weeks and can appreciate this is not exactly a holiday. Really don’t envy you on the long journey home but what a great place to live and of course it will soon be summer.

    • We’re really glad you enjoyed the posts – hope you’ll keep checking back as I plan some more informational ones plus then some more photographic glimpses of the team, Zagora, etc. I can understand you thinking the grin was because I was heading home. But, in fact, it was just an outpouring of happiness to have all been part of the most fantastic team on the most fantastic project. I’d been sitting inside in the Kantouni, working on a post, when I realised the team were heading off to the site for the last day of backfilling. I wanted to wave them off and say goodbye. In the rush of the last few days, many of the team members hadn’t known I was leaving. So there were lots of hugs and kisses. Then, as an impromptu thing, I just said: ‘Let’s get a last photo with the team that’s here.’ So the happiness you see is of an incredibly hard-working and cooperative team …. actually, ‘cooperative’ is a lame description; there was more heart in it than that; it was a caring team. Everybody helped and supported everybody. Everybody pulled more then their own weight. It’s actually love that you can see in the photograph. I can’t imagine too many work teams where you could find a better esprit de corps. I’m writing this from home now. It is a great place to live. I’m grateful for all we have here. And am really looking forward to summer (especially as we live near the beach!). But already I miss Andros and Greece. And I look forward to returning there – hopefully, again and again. Thanks so much for your comments, Robert. It’s heartening to know people are reading…. Kind regards, Irma

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